Frequently Asked Questions

last edited: April 19, 2023

This is the official A & M Art Fight frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) about the event. Please read through this list before asking questions in the Discord server or sending an email to These questions are not exhaustive–we will continue to add questions when we feel a specific question gets asked frequently.

Art Fight

You are assigned to a team and compete with another team in a month-long themed art competition. You gain points by creating art based on one of your opponent’s prompts. The team with the most points wins the event.

Themes are usually about media (e.g. animated show, book series, movie, etc.) but we have hosted a Sapphic theme before. Themes should be the main focus of all prompts and attacks. Theme suggestions are accepted at the end of each event but are ultimately dependent on time and current interest.

There is no penalty for not being able to create anything during the event. This event is meant to be a fun competition to meet other people who enjoy the theme by creating and sharing art while experimenting or pushing your creative limits. We want you to have fun making things without stressing or worrying that you aren’t doing enough. We will never force you to create art for the sake of creating it. If you need to leave the event for any reason, speak to a moderator for assistance.

You have a chance to change your assigned team after regular sign-ups are closed by contacting one of the hosts or moderator team. If the teams are relatively balanced, we can change your team. Otherwise, we may reject your request.

We accept late participants until the end of the first week of the event. This ensures that participants have enough time to work on their attacks. Late sign-ups can be accessed through this link (Google Form).

If someone is making you uncomfortable but isn’t breaking any of our rules within our space, we can mediate necessary interactions. However, all we can recommend is blocking and avoiding this person. You do not have to interact with anyone you do not want to. Depending on the severity of their actions however, we may count it towards their three strikes regardless. If they are breaking rules, please see "Someone has engaged in behavior against your rules inside or outside the server".

If a moderator hasn’t addressed the rule-breaking because no one was online or they haven’t seen it, please let one of the administrators know. Do not mini-mod (take up the role of being a moderator despite not being one) in place of our moderator staff. We will handle it swiftly.


A prompt is an idea, statement or scenario meant to give you inspiration or guidance on a piece of work (illustration, fanfiction, sculptures, etc.). It works similar to an art request but anyone (except yourself) can use your prompt to make art. It must follow all general, server and event rules and observe the blacklist at all times.

You can change your own prompts any time during the event. Please contact a moderator for help.

You can choose prompts from anyone besides your own. Choose prompts that you think will be fun to do!

Your opponent is the same person who provided the prompt you chose. So, if Participant A provided the prompt “date night” and you chose that prompt, your opponent is Participant A.

You can only use one prompt from one person for one attack, even if several participants have similar prompts.

If you do not remember the prompt you used or the prompt you used no longer exists, please let a moderator know so we can help. Oftentimes, we allow participants to still submit the attack but may not give any associated attack bonuses.


An attack is a piece of art (visual, written, physical, etc.) that is created during the event for the event, using a prompt provided by one of the participants in the event. It must follow all general, server and event rules, observe the blacklist at all times and must be posted in the Discord server to be considered an attack.

No. You must create the attack during the event.

No. An attack can only count once for one prompt. Again, you can only use one prompt from one person for one attack, even if several participants have similar prompts.

You can make a new attack for one prompt several times if you really enjoy that particular prompt. There is no penalty for only doing one kind of prompt.

You can use references for your attack under the following circumstances:
No credit necessary: (optional attachment or link to original work)
  • A photo that is free-to-use for personal projects or one you took yourself.
  • A scene from official content (e.g. episode or movie screencap). Please specify if it is a redraw of a scene.
Credit necessary: (attachment or link to original work)
  • A meme image or video that is free-to-use for personal projects.
  • A redraw or reimagining of artwork by other artists. If the artist is living, you must have permission to use their art.
At this time, we do not allow tracing or edits of works besides memes.

You can collaborate with two other people on an attack. Please let the moderators know who did what so that each participant gets the points they deserve. The points may be split unevenly if the participants have an uneven distribution of workload between them.

Your attack is scored using our scoring guidelines, which is based off the original Art Fight scoring guide for ease of transition between the events. As a rule of thumb, the more effort you put into your attack, the more points you earn for that attack.

If you feel your attack should have a different score, please contact a moderator to start a score review.