A & M Art Fight has a website

posted: April 21, 2023

After two years from the first event, we finally have a website with all our information in one place! We are so grateful for the people who have stuck with us since #SPOPFight2020. It's been a long journey but we are hoping we can continue for much, much longer. We've learned and grown a lot from hosting these events and with each one, we hoped it was better than the last. This website is a milestone in our achievements but we've still got a lot of things to do. Ultimately, our goal is to have a website that offers user functionality, image uploading services, automatic scoring and more.

In the meantime, we are introducing a new, more permanent Community Discord server as our event hub. No more joining new servers and going through the introduction and rules all over again. Because it's a Community Discord, it has a bit more features that most people might be used to. Hopefully as time passes, people will get used to these features and feel more confident in interacting with other members. Of course, it's all about the baby steps. For us and for everyone too!

Right now... We're just happy people actually enjoy our events. Our first experience was filled with anxiety-seeing our interest check barely reach around 30 responses was nerve-wrecking. We decided to continue despite the seemingly low numbers. We started setting up-unsure how to translate the feeling of Art Fight into a Discord server but we made do. We had to work out a scoring system, prompts and attacks, how people should send in their attacks. When sign-ups started, we got double the interest and we were excited now! The event ran for 3 weeks (yes, it was done during the height of She-Ra and we wanted to catch the wave) and everyone was told us they had fun. So, we decided we would host another one. And we did! Now, we are here, hosting what might be the last The Owl House Art Fight.

Despite the bittersweet send-off, we're looking forward for our future events. We hope you'll be there with us too!