A & M Art Fight Event Guidelines

last edited: May 5, 2023

This is the official A & M Art Fight event guidelines for creating and formatting prompts and attacks. Please note that we are working with volunteer moderators and may enforce these guidelines using their own discretion. The general, server and event rules apply at all times.

As a participant of the event, you are subject to our rules and guidelines at all times. The administrators of this community value respect and kindness above all else and expect you to do the same.

Prompts and attacks that fail to follow these guidelines or the general, server and event rules may be replaced or taken down. Repeated infractions count towards the three-strike system.


Prompts are ideas or scenarios that participants use to create event attacks. It can be vague, have a simple theme, or detailed and elaborate. Give out fun prompts and get fun attacks in return! We also offer Weekly Event Prompts, which changes every week.

Prompts must:

  • Follow the general, server and event rules.
  • Be relevant to the current theme.
  • Avoid using blacklist banned content or excessive content warnings. (page)
  • Have all relevant links necessary to provide any visual or written references for specific ideas (e.g. a Google document link to a specific AU).
  • Be clear and concise in its intent and wording to prevent misunderstandings or possibility of misuse.

Here are examples of accepted prompts from #OwlFight2021: (links are omitted)

  • Date
  • lumity cuddles
  • sibling dynamic Luz and Hunter
  • Fanart of any of my fanfics would be cool [link]
  • Lumity, but make it fluffy werewolf Luz [link]
  • Luz trying to figure out how to confess to Amity. She thinks if she tries a human magic trick (shuffling playing cards, pulling a handkerchief from her sleeve, confetti from pocket, etc.), it will give some pizzazz!

Here are examples of rejected prompts from #OwlFight2021 with explanations: (links are omitted)

This is a common phrase in informal American conversations that have strong sexual connotations. Because the hosts and most participants are American, it can be misconstrued as a sexual prompt, which is against our rules.

These are two prompts from the same person. We felt they touched on very similar themes, so we grouped them together for this example. These are more subjective prompts that we felt would make some younger participants uncomfortable rather than a clear cut rule violation. Homophobia as a driving point for a plot is something we usually disallow, especially since this can be very triggering material for many LGBT participants. Additionally, aged up scenarios, even if it is SFW, of canonically underaged characters can be uncomfortable or misused as well.

While crossovers and Alternate Universes (AUs) are allowed, this prompt focuses on Amphibia characters (Sasha, Anne, Marcy, etc.) in The Owl House setting rather than reverse. We considered this prompt irrelevant to The Owl House because it doesn’t focus on The Owl House characters.

The original prompt specifically noted nothing inappropriate happening. However, since the prompt itself is still not clear and concise in its meaning, we requested this prompt to simply be reworded in a different way.

Fascism as a focus is not allowed in our event, even if Belos does canonically have a dictatorship in the Demon Realm. We felt that it was not necessary to have a prompt that focuses on Belos’ dictatorship and requested to completely change this prompt.


Attacks are works created during the event using participant-generated prompts as the guide. We encourage creativity and experimenting with what you can do for these prompts. Enjoying the process is one of our goals for participants.

All attacks must be posted in the official Discord server to be scored and logged. If you posted the attack elsewhere first, you must still post a link to the attack and follow the guidelines below. Visual aides will be included in the document.

Attacks must:

  • Have been created by you, the participant, during this event and for this event only.
  • Follow all general, server and event rules.
  • Not use any blacklist banned content.
  • Have any relevant content warnings stated on the post and images spoilered.
  • Be relevant to the prompt.
  • Be accessible without the use of login services or downloads if it is hosted outside of the server.

Attack Visual Aides

Here are visual aides to help you make sure your formatting is what we expect it to be. We require attacks to be formatted in a specific way to facilitate faster scoring and moderation.

You must mention in your post that it is your first attack of the event.
First Attack is explicitly written on the Discord post.

You must mention in your post that it is friendly-fire.
Friendly-fire is explicitly written on the Discord post.

You must ping the AM Art Fight Discord Account (AM Art Fight#6909) and write that you are using the weekly prompt.
AM Art Fight is pinged and Weekly Prompt is explicitly written on the Discord post.

Your opponent is on a different team from you, it is not your first attack and you are not using the weekly event prompt. You will simply ping your opponent and write out the prompt you used.
Opponent is pinged and the prompt is explicitly written on the Discord post.

If your attack has content that is mentioned under Required Warnings (page), you must add the relevant content warnings and spoiler the image.
To spoiler an image on Discord desktop, hover your cursor over the image and click on EYE icon. On Discord mobile, press the image and select "Mark as spoiler".
Image is behind a spoiler and the content warnings are explicitly written on the Discord post.