A & M Art Fight Scoring Guide

last edited: April 21, 2023

This is the official A & M Art Fight scoring guide for attacks, defined as art ranging from 2D to physical craft to written works. Your score is based on these scoring guides of the appropriate type. If none of the mediums work or you are unsure which medium/subcategory fits your attack, contact a moderator for help.

Different types of work are based on their own unique categories, lettered (A-F), like a rubric for an essay. Additionally, moderators can grant bonus points. These points are highly subjective and based on moderator discretion. It can range from 0 to 2, in increments of 0.25.

Certain subcategories can stack points. They are marked with (⭐). For each element that fits the subcategory, it rewards or penalizes points to however many elements are applicable. Consider two examples:

  1. In 2D works, for (B) Size, if you have two full body characters, you gain 1 point for one character and 1 point for the other character. In total, you would have 2 points for the full body subcategory.
  2. In 2D works, for Penalties, it follows the same idea. If two characters are not recognizable, you receive a 1 point penalty for each character. In total, you would have 2 penalty points.

NOTE: These guides are largely based on the original Art Fight scoring guide, with several tweaks, in order to help transition A & M Art Fight participants into original Art Fight and vice versa. You may consult the examples and explanations of the original Art Fight scoring guide.

Special thanks to Elliott for help with creating our scoring guide layout.


Use for 2D works, defined as works of art made in digital or traditional 2D or flat space.


Use for 3D works, defined as works of art made in digital 3D space.


Use for craft works, defined as handmade, physical works of art.


Use for written works, defined as works of art made by way of written language.

Animation Add-Ons

Animated add-ons, defined as 2D, 3D or craft works with incorporated movement or hand-drawn moving scenes. These are additional points on top of the work itself.

Event Guidelines

Guidelines on what is an acceptable prompt and attack as well as formatting your attacks on Discord.