A & M Art Fight - Animation Add-ons

last edited: April 21, 2023

This is the official A & M Art Fight scoring guide for for animated add-ons, defined as works with incorporated movement or hand-drawn moving scenes. These are add-ons, meaning you receive points for the animation on top of the points you receive for the type of work you animated it in (2D, 3D or craft work). If your work has any movement in it, use this guide.

Term Definition
Scene A setting defined by panels that share the same background.
Panel The Point of View (POV) where actions occur in the scene.
Unique Frame A frame completely different from other frames. In frame-by-frame animation, unique frames are redrawn frames.
Keyframe Important (“key”) frames that define the timing of movement in the animation.
Inbetween Frames between keyframes. It smoothes the movement from keyframe 1 to keyframe 2.
Rigging A skeleton that helps animate a 3D model. It can appear for 2D pieces that use tweening.
Stop-motion Crafts that are shaped and moved. Frames are made by taking pictures and slightly moving/changing objects for each picture to create the illusion of movement.
Turntable A character on a flat surface which slowly turns around.

If you are unsure which subcategory fits your attack, contact a moderator for help.

NOTE: These guides are better viewed on desktop rather than mobile.

Refers to the amount of animated movement in the attack.
Points Subcategory Definition
0.25 Animated Background Works that have animated backgrounds but not animated characters.
0.5 Minimal Animation Works that contain a small amount of animation applied to the artwork.
0.75 Partial Animation The character is only partly animated to move or under 75% of the characters in the attack are animated. Scenes must have at least 3 keyframes to count.
1 Mixed Movement Works that contain a scene, a character, or multiples of each with a mix of partially and fully animated elements. Scenes must have at least 3 keyframes to count.
2 Fully Animated At least 75% of the character is animated. Scenes must have at least 5 keyframes to count.
Refers to the way movement is created.
Points Subcategory Definition
1 Tweening / 3D Animation Vector animation or motion graphics where works use software to create inbetween frames. It can involve characters or objects that are moved around in a static pose or fades.
2 Animatic / PMV A rough storytelling animation. It focuses primarily on keyframes and is used to convey timing of actions over the illusion of movement. Storyboards put into sequence with movement count.
2 2D VTuber Rig A 2D model that is rigged to follow live camera movements. The model must be rigged by hand to count.
5 Stop Motion Works that have craft attacks move by image sequences.
5 Frame-by-frame Works that are mostly handmade and unique frames. Animations with higher frame rates count.
Refers to the total time spent of the non-looping movements.
Points Subcategory Definition
0.25 Short Any works between 10-20 seconds of non-looping movement with consistent technique.
0.5 Medium Any works between 25-40 seconds of non-looping movement with consistent technique.
1 Long Any works between 45-60 seconds of non-looping movement with consistent technique.
0.5 Additional Scenes Any works above one minute receive points for each scene animated beyond that point. Scenes must have at least 5 keyframes to count.