A & M Art Fight Rulebook

last edited: May 5, 2023

This is the official A & M Art Fight rulebook, which is applicable to all of our accounts, including the server and this website, and members within our space. Please note that we are working with volunteer moderators and may enforce rules using their own discretion. If there are any questions or concerns, please send an email at am.artfight@gmail.com with your name and email address.

As a member of our space, you are subject to our rules at all times and your actions can impact fellow members. The administrators of this community value respect and kindness above all else and expect you to do the same. There are specific rules for the server and the event as well as general rules applicable at all times.

Common sense rules, such as “no trolling or discourse baiting” and “no harassment,” are implied and enforced based on the discretion of the moderator team.

Our moderator team works on a three-strike system. The first and second strikes are given with a warning. The third strike is an immediate ban from the event. We do not tolerate intentional rule breaking within our space.

Terms Used

  • space - refers to all official accounts, including the server and this website, of A & M Art Fight and by extension all posts made by the accounts, inside and outside the server and website.
  • server - refers to the A & M Art Fight Discord server.
  • member - refers to a person in the A & M Art Fight Discord server.
  • participant - refers to a person who is participating in the current A & M Art Fight event. All participants are members.
  • event - refers to the month-long Art Fight hosted by A & M Art Fight in the Discord server.

General Rules

  • Be courteous to others and exercise good sportsmanship.
  • Be supportive of yourself and others’ effort and work.
  • Disparaging comments or self-deprecating statements goes against the core values of this event.
  • Be critical of any immoral or unusual behavior. We immediately reject and ban those who:
    • Exhibit racist, transphobic, homophobic, pedophilic, anti-Semitic, etc. sentiment or behavior.
    • Support and/or engage positively with people who exhibit behaviors listed above.
    • Support and/or engage in blockchain-based activities (NFTs, cryptomining, etc.).
    • Support and/or engage in Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated pieces, especially AI software that uses copyrighted materials, works, etc. without permissions.
    • Trace, plagiarize, or steal works to pass as their own creations[2].
  • Keep all interactions and media PG-13 or SFW even if other members are 18 years old or older.
  • Observe the blacklisted banned content and content warnings list. (page)
  • Speak or write in English for communication and moderation purposes. We apologize for this inconvenience for any non-native English members. Speak to a moderator for help and guidance.

Server Rules

Some members of our space may be below 18 years old. To ensure the safety of all members, all 18 year old or older members must specify that they are 18+ within the server and all interactions within the space must be Safe For Work (SFW) only, including media and artwork[1]. Please keep this in mind when interacting with others.

  • Be mindful that this server is a shared space. Do not spam the chats. Do not engage in “friendly” aggression or rude behavior.
  • Keep all conversations relevant to the current conversation and appropriate channels. Extended discussions must be moved to direct messages or public threads.
  • Avoid venting. You are allowed to talk about deep topics but extended or more specific discussions must be moved to direct messages or public threads.
  • Refrain from sharing sensitive and personal information to anyone you do not trust.
    • We cannot help you in certain situations where information is shared privately.
  • Please read the Frequently Asked Questions, Directory and Links, Announcement channels or pinned messages first before asking a question related to the event. All information can also be found within this website as well.

Event Rules

  • Be relevant to the current theme and selected prompt.
    • Creativity is highly encouraged by extreme departure may not be accepted.
  • Follow the event guidelines for formatting and readability.
  • Avoid harmful and insensitive tropes and/or caricatures or intentional promotion of behaviors and/or sentiments that break general and server rules.
  • Be PG-13 or SFW regardless of the theme of the event. Please observe the blacklist. (page)
    • If the prompt or attack involves themes that aren’t PG-13 appropriate but isn’t Mature content[3], a content warning must be provided and attacks must be spoilered on the server. Speak to a moderator for help and guidance.
    • For media (e.g. a television show or a book series), prompts and attacks could include scenes that canonically happen (e.g. in The Owl House, it is revealed that Titans were hunted to extinction, or genocide) or situations of a similar theme (e.g. King can talk about his species’ genocide). This is a very situational addendum and must be handled with care and caution. Speak to a moderator for help and guidance.
    • Prompts or attacks that feature dark topics (suicide, alcoholism, trauma, etc.), even if it has canonically happened or is relevant original character lore, may be rejected based on moderator discretion. Speak to a moderator for help and guidance.
  • Be written in English for moderation and scoring purposes, if applicable. We apologize for this inconvenience for any non-native English members. Speak to a moderator for help and guidance.
    • Non-English audio works require an English translation for moderation purposes.
  • Be publicly accessible without login services or downloads necessary if it is hosted outside of the server (e.g. fanfiction hosted on AO3, illustration hosted on Google Drive).


  1. Our server hosts one age-restricted channel in which mature works can be shared. We will still be enforcing applicable general and server rules within the channel. Only members with the 18+ role have the option to access this channel. Members found to be lying about their age will be immediately banned without appeal.
  2. We allow members and participants to engage in redraws, recreations or referencing of memes, official media or public domain works as long as due credit is given, whether it be in the form of a link to the original work and/or creator, a side-by-side comparison with the original work and/or the creator’s name or express permission from the creator themself. Omission of credit, by lying or otherwise, results in an immediate ban without appeal.
  3. While what is deemed appropriate or not for our event is based on the discretion of each moderator, we roughly follow the ESRB Ratings guide for determining if a prompt or attack follows our PG-13 or SFW-only rule.

Our rules are subject to change based on the discretion of the hosts.